Rosie O'Donnell Brings Broadway-Themed Protest To The White House

Broadway performers appeared with the actress and comedian by the dozens outside of the White House Monday evening to protest President Donald Trump and his administration.

Actress and comedian Rosie O’Donnell met with dozens of Broadway stars Monday night to protest President Donald Trump’s July 16 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The protests began their 23rd day on Tuesday and are being called the “Kremlin Annex.” The nightly protests were the result of the president refusing to concede that Russia had interfered in the United States presidential election during the Helsinki summit with Putin.

The protests first got started after longtime Hillary Clinton advisor Philippe Reines tweeted on the same evening that Trump pandered to Putin in Helsinki.

“If someone flew home from Helsinki they’d get back to DC around 9pm. Probably jet lagged. You know what I’d hate if I just got back & needed to sleep? A bunch of people outside my home with bullhorns & air horns,” wrote Reines.

Ask, and thee shall receive. Since that evening, thousands of people have gathered at the White House to protest Trump.

Organizer Seth Rudetsky, O’Donnell, and more than 60 Broadway performers filled the event Monday evening with music. The performers sang “The People’s Song,” from “Les Misérables,” and “A Brand New Day” from “The Wiz,” along with tunes from "Hamilton" and "The Sound of Music." The crowd originally aimed to keep Trump awake with noise, however, the president is away this week.

"Let the president know, in no uncertain terms, that we are alive, awake and we are woke,” said O’Donnell.

Other issues that ignited the protests are family immigration separations and Trump's Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

With such a contemptible human being living in the White House, the time is now to assemble and unite. The theater has educated audiences about the political world since its inception, and Monday’s event did not disappoint.

It would seem that the masses are tired of Trump's racist vitriol, and as such, people are coming up with more creative and innovative ways to fight against it. 

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