Roy Moore’s Confederacy-Loving Crony Wins Alabama GOP Primary

Disgraced former judge Roy Moore may have lost his Senate race, but Tom Parker, his protégé, has a real shot at being Alabama's new chief justice.

Ex-Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore may have lost his race for a seat in the Senate, but now his former top aide is on track to climb up the political ladder.

Tom Parker, Moore’s protégé, got 52 percent of the vote in the Republican primary for Alabama supreme court justice, beating incumbent Lyn Stuart just a few months after Moore lost his Senate bid.

As mentioned in the media, Parker fits the extreme right-wing bill, just like Moore did. More importantly, he has a special place in his heart for the Confederate flag.

During his first state supreme court race, Parker reassured his followers that associating with Old South groups and distributing rebel flags during a Confederate widow's funeral were both acceptable.

But that's not all. He has also been very open about his intolerance of people whose sexual orientation differs from his.

In a 2010 ad, Parker publicly displayed his apparent hate against LGBT people when he compared the judge who brought the antiquated Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy down to Al-Qaeda.

“Most people believe that Al-Qaeda is one of America’s biggest security threats, I think it’s time to add liberal activist judges like [U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips] to that list,” the ad said.

When talking about the Supreme Court’s decision that made it legal for same-sex couples to marry, Parker suggested that the decision “conclusively [demonstrated] that the rule of law is dead.”  

After winning on Tuesday, Parker thanked Alabama voters and said that his win was a “victory for the constitution and for the people of Alabama.”

He even tied his victory to President Donald Trump.

“This shows support for what President Trump is doing and changing the direction of the federal judiciary through the appointment of conservative judges. I look forward, as chief justice, to sending decisions to the U.S. Supreme Court that a new conservative majority can use to restore the United States constitution,” he said.

Despite Parker’s confidence, he still has to face Democratic candidate Bob Vance Jr. in the coming general election. So, perhaps, there’s still time for Alabama voters to defeat Moore’s deplorable protégé. 

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