Social Security Wants Disabled Patient To Pay For Watching A Free Game

Joyce Jeter might speak to a legal aide in hopes of fighting the government’s decision asking her to pay out of her Social Security income.

Joyce Jeter from Kansas City is a neurofibromatosis patient. The disease is incurable and causes tumors to appear all over her body.

She had to get one of her legs amputated after a tumor tested positive for cancer. Jeter relies on Social Security as a source of income as her devastating medical condition does not allow her to work.

Jeter’s life has been anything but easy.

“I’m in constant pain all the time,” she said. “It prevents me from doing some things.”

Despite the fact that she has been ridiculed and mocked for the ways she looks, she still maintains a positive outlook on life. The only one thing that made Jeter happy was the thought of going to a baseball game.

"I never got to go to a game, a playoff game or a World Series game or anything like that because I can't afford it," she explained.

Then one day, Jeter decided to write to a fan page of her desires to go to a Kansas City Royals game.

There were some people who posted mean comments in response but there were many others who wanted to make sure that she attended a game. They set up a GoFundMe page to get Jeter to the game.

Eventually, free tickets were arranged for Jeter to experience her greatest wish.

“I'm here to see the Royals win. I'll be yelling my head off,” she said before Game 1 of the World Series.

“One person blessed me with a ticket for Friday night’s game. I had the time of my life,” Jeter said.

Disabled Patient

Little did she know that she would later be asked to pay for something she received as a gift.

Jeter received letters from Social Security notifying her they will take money from her Social Security checks because she did not inform them about the fundraising situation.

"I'm troubled and stuff, because I can't afford to lose that $176 a month. Actually, it's like taking food out of my mouth," she said.

Jeter is seeking legal aid in hopes of resolving the issue.

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