Racist Abuse Against Meghan Markle Alarms British Reporters

Royal reporters in the United Kingdom have divulged the extent to which racist abusers are targeting the soon-to-be duchess.

Meghan Markle has been in the British press limelight not just because of her fast-approaching marriage to Prince Harry but also because of her mixed-race background.

Ever since the big announcement, she has been subjected to vile racist attacks, which are no longer just confined to tweets or brooches.

In fact, the abuse has become so pervasive, that even the reporters covering stories about Markle are receiving threats, ABC Online reported, citing senior royal reporters.

Case in point: A royal correspondent for the Daily Mail was allegedly threatened with an acid attack for her reports on Markle.

Ever since the American actress has officially started to make public appearances with Prince Harry, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, the shocking revelations have started to surface.

Markle has already made her prospective plans known once she becomes a royal in 11 weeks. Her work would mainly direct towards gender equality. But it seems Prince Harry’s soon-to-be-bride will have more pressing concerns to deal with, considering her mixed heritage is not being taken well by many. It's something that no British royal has encountered in modern times.

She has said the abuse is “disheartening" and a "shame.”

Now, British royal reporters, special correspondents who cover the royal family, have come together with measures to try to curb such derogatory remarks, fearing they might increase because of the impending grand wedding.

Ironically, there are some reporters who have over-emphasized on Markle's biraciality, and even they have complained about being bullied over reporting on her.

"Any kind of negative or perceived negative comment about her is perceived as racist. If you're on Twitter you're used to getting trolled and abused, but I think over the last couple of weeks, as the wedding countdown has really begun, a lot of the reporters here in the U.K. have been accused of racism,” The Sun's Royal reporter Emily Andrews said.

Andrews also tweeted about an agitating delivery that was made to the Kensington Palace for Markle in mid-February.


The content of the delivery package was highly disturbing. It contained white powder, thought to be talc, which many believed was a stunt designed to raise fears about anthrax. It was the first physical threat aimed at Markle. Police have undertaken the case under the category of race hate crime.

"We've been doing this for a long time so I'm used to everyone having an opinion on the royal family, a lot if it is negative, a lot of it is positive, What's been different with Meghan is her background, that she's bi-racial, she's spoken out about it, she's very proud of it. We've seen a lot of people come and attack her from that angle and I think that's been the really unpleasant side of this," royal correspondent Omid Scobie said.

He went on to acknowledge the fact that the current situation has gone way too far.

"When it reaches that point of abusive terms or threats, it obviously gets very serious," Scobie said.

Many royal reporters joined in the denunciation of such uncalled for racial abuse.

"Whenever you post a photograph of Harry and Meghan together, or some comment about where they're going next, you'll have trolls coming online and complaining, being quite abusive about her and Harry's choice of bride. It's very depressing and I just think it's small-minded ignorance," said Emily Nash, the royal correspondent for Hello Magazine.

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