Indian Politician Announces Bounty For Kerala Chief Minister's Head

Ujjain Prachar Pramukh Kundan Chandrawat, an Indian politician, wants someone to kill the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan.

An Indian politician just crossed every line imaginable when he called for the head of another politician, going as far as promising to reward an assassin. 


Ujjain Prachar Pramukh Kundan Chandrawat made the outrageous threat against Pinarayi Vijayan, the chief minister of Kerala. Chandrawat is a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Here's what he's saying:

"That guilty person, that traitor, does he think Hindus don’t have the pride of Shivaji in their blood, that Hindus don’t have that kind of passion in their blood? I, Dr. Kundan Chandrawat, am declaring from this platform, I have enough wealth so I am being bold in saying this — I have a house worth one crore — cut off the head of [Kerala chief minister] Vijayan and bring it to me and I will hand over my house and my wealth. Such traitors have no right to live in this country,  such traitors have no right to murder democracy.

"Have you forgotten Godhra? You killed 56, we sent 2000 to the graveyard. [He makes a slicing motion with his hand and the audience applauds loudly]. We — this same Hindu community — shoved [their corpses] underground [he gestures downwards, more applause].

"You have killed 300 pracharaks and activists, we will present Bharat Mata with a garland of 300,000 skulls in return.

"Leftists, beware.

“I have enough property in my name. I will bequeath my property of Rs 1 crore to anyone who is ready to behead the Kerala chief minister,” he announced.

‘‘Have you forgotten Godhra? When they killed just 56 of us, we sent 2,000 of them to the kabristan [graveyard]. Now, the communists have killed 300 of us in Kerala. We will adorn Bharat Mata with a garland of three lakh heads,” he added.

Vijayan heaped scorn on the threats against his life.

“I have seen the news that a Sangh Parivar leader in Madhya Pradesh has announced a reward for my head. The RSS has chopped off several heads. But that cannot prevent me from walking my way. I dismiss with contempt their death threats,” Vijayan said.

The RSS party distanced itself from Chandrawat's comments and the leader of the Opposition in Kerala Ramesh Chennithala has demanded the arrest of the RSS leader.

Chandrawat, however, is neither apologetic nor in the mood to take back his threat.

"The leftist government of Kerala is murdering democracy. Those participating in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh camps are being murdered," he told the media.

"The Hindus no more have the zeal of Shivaji Maharaj. I announce Rs 1 crore from my pocket to anyone who brings me the severed head of the Kerala chief minister," he went on. "... Such traitors don't have the right to live in this country."

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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