Rubio Robots Run Amok While Marco Rubio Defends His Defeat

Marco Rubio blames his humiliating defeat in the New Hampshire primary on the media. But the anti-Rubio campaigners know the real reason.

Marco Rubio has already provided ample evidence that he is a robot and now anti-Rubio campaigners dressed as robots are showing up at his rallies.

But Robot Rubio’s staunch supporters are not in the mood to take any of their sass.

In a recent rally, a guy wearing a silver robot suit came to join a group of Rubio supporters holding up his own placards, proclaiming “#RobotRubio.” The Republican presidential candidate’s followers, apparently trained in the art of combat, immediately jumped into action — one man slammed the Rubiobot with a sign while the other put it in a headlock.

You can hear the poor assaulted robot pleading with the protests in the background, “Why are you laying your hands on me?”

But soon enough, the Rubio campaigners got tired of their vengeful assault and let go of the robot, resuming to their “Marco! Marco!” chants. And it was probably the right thing to do because the GOP hopeful needs all the support he can get after his disappointing defeat in New Hampshire.

Although the candidate, who placed fifth in the New Hampshire polls, put on a brave face, he blamed the media for his disastrous performance.

The Republican senator says he wouldn’t have lost if news channels had not repeated his gaffes during the now-infamous debate with Chris Christie.

“The debate is the debate, and I don't think people at home analyze it the same way as the media,” he said. “The problem is that 72 hours later the media fixated on that.”

He also scoffed at the claim by political analysts that he got fewer votes simply because he is a bad candidate.

“No one in this race....has shown greater depth, knowledge, understanding or greater judgment on the foreign policy issues than I have,” Rubio stated .

Watch his fiery statement in the video below.

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