Rudy Giuliani Lies About Clinton Being Absent At Ground Zero Post-9/11

"But I heard her say she was there that day. I was there that day, I don’t remember seeing Hillary Clinton there,” Giuliani said at a Trump rally.

Rudy Giuliani just accused Hillary Clinton of not visiting Ground Zero in the wake of September 11 attacks — just a few short months after praising her for the work she did after the terror attacks.

During a Donald Trump rally in Ocala, Florida, on Wednesday, Giuliani blatantly lied about Clinton’s response to the attack and blamed her for neglecting her citizens in the face of crisis. Here, according to him, is the reason why Clinton did not belong “to our very, very tight group of ‘never forget.’”

“I remember Sept. 11, 2001,” Giuliani said. “Yes, yes, you helped to get benefits for the people who were injured that day. But I heard her say she was there that day. I was there that day, I don’t remember seeing Hillary Clinton there.”

However, Clinton has never said she was at Ground Zero on 9/11 and never claimed to be. She was at her Washington home but traveled the very next day to the site. In fact, numerous photographs of her at the place show her right next to Giuliani himself.


The undeniable proof did not stop Giuliani from his rant.

However, he apologized once he realized the image of Clinton walking close by him at the World Trade Center had gone viral.

The ex-mayor of New York City said he “made a mistake, I'm wrong and I apologize.”

What’s even more bizarre is that a few months prior, he had praised Clinton’s work after the attack.

“Hillary Clinton, like Sen. Schumer, like the entire Senate and House of Representatives, like every Republican and Democrat that I know, was enormously helpful," he stated in July. “For that, I would give her credit... she was part of it and she has a right to tell people that she worked hard on behalf of the 9/11 families. She did.”

In fact, he said in August that the country did not suffer any domestic terror attack in the eight years before Obama became president — conveniently forgetting this very monumental incident that changed the course of world history.

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