Rudy Giuliani Might Regret Boasting About Ties To The FBI On TV

Rudy Giuliani has repeatedly bragged about being on very good terms with FBI director Comey — but his bold claims can now land him in hot water.

CNN’s Don Lemon revealed to Michael Moore that he suspects that Rudy Giuliani may be privy to some inside information on FBI Director James Comey and his work on reexamining Hillary Clinton's emails.

Giuliani, New York City's former mayor, said he was very familiar with Comey and even said the FBI director used to work for him for three years.

“I trained him. I had great confidence in him,” he added.

Giuliani previously revealed that he was shocked to learn that Comey did not recommend an indictment against charges for Clinton in July in connection with her deleted emails.

However, in last week’s Fox and Friends episode, Giuliani hinted the FBI might not yet be done with Clinton.

“I think [Trump’s] got a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next few days. I’m talking about some pretty big surprises,” added the former mayor.

“We’re not going to go down and we’re certainly not going to stop fighting. We’ve got a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this thing around,” Giuliani added.

And, hey presto, just two days later, Comey dropped the bomb that he was ready to start a witch hunt into Clinton’s emails.

“Do you think he could have known about it?” Lemon asked Moore.

The filmmaker appeared shocked at the revelation and said, “It sure sounds like he knew something. This man is a former federal prosecutor, worked for the Justice Department, that if somebody slipped him some information there, I mean, that is amazing.”

However, it appears Giuliani’s brag about the FBI worked against him. Moore immediately suggested an investigation against Comey as well as Giuliani.

“I think somebody should be raising questions about him and why this happened why he did it on Friday night, and it’s got everybody in the sort of tornado about the emails,” he said.

He then asked Lemon if someone has run the video of Giuliani he had inside information on the FBI on CNN.

“Whoever is watching it right now, you just introduced something that needs to be investigated,” Moore said. “Somebody has to answer for what we just saw, that you just showed us, the American people, because that was frightening: Rudy Giuliani in being so self-assured he knew something would happen.”

They are not the only ones who are concerned.

The New York Times also noted in a Thursday story that Giuliani has boasted about having a “pipeline into the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that agents tell him they are ‘outraged’ that they have not been able to bring Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to justice.”

However, Jason Miller, Trump’s spokesman said Giuliani has no inside track on the FBI’s classified information.

“Rudy was just having fun,” Miller said. “To keep the other side on their toes.”

Really? It seems like quite a coincidence that Giuliani would make such a sweeping statement and a scant few days later, Comey would announce reopening the investigation on Clinton’s email.

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