Giuliani Changes Stance On The Trump-Comey Meeting About Flynn — Again

“It’s called arguing in the alternative,” Giuliani said rather than saying Trump wanted Comey to give Flynn a “break,” he was actually talking about Comey’s version of the conversation.


Ever since former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has joined President Donald Trump’s legal team, his bombshell news interviews have made for better television than prime time soap operas.

And he was back again for another mind-boggling, contradicting interview on CNN’s “State Of The Union” with Jake Tapper.

In his ever dwindling stance on Trump’s meeting regarding Michael Flynn with former FBI Director James Comey, the attorney now asserts the president never had any conversation of Comey going “easy” on Flynn during a February 2017 meeting at the Oval Office.

He even said if the president is asked of the meeting under oath, based on if he agrees to do an interview with Special counsel Robert Mueller, he would deny it ever happened.

However, that is not what he said of the same conversation before.

In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” only a month ago, Giuliani very clearly said Trump asked Comey to give Flynn “a break.”

But when Tapper used that same interview as an example of Giuliani’s contradiction, he flat out refused he ever said that. In fact, the attorney said he has always maintained Trump never discussed Flynn with Comey.

“I never told ABC that,” Giuliani said. “That’s crazy. Never said that. I said that is what Comey is saying Trump said. I have always said the president denies it.”

When Tapper played a video clip of Giuliani contradicting his contradiction (go figure), he seemed to tense up for just a second before bringing out the Trump administration most sought out excuse for any negation: the alternative.

Giuliani said rather than saying Trump wanted Comey to give Flynn a “break,” he was actually talking about Comey’s version of the conversation.

“It’s called arguing in the alternative,” he said.

Giuliani also asserted that Trump “didn’t find out that Comey believed” there was a Flynn conversation or obstruction of justice until The New York Times report in May 2017 pointed it out.

The alleged discussion between Trump and Comey happened when the former FBI director was investigating if Flynn lied about his Russian ties under oath. Trump then fired Comey in May 2017, on the account of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Flynn has since agreed to cooperate with the Russin investigation after pleading guilty to lying to investigators.

Trump has since tweeted about Comey’s firing various times, often claiming he was fired, even if only partly, because of the Russian investigation by Mueller — often contradicting himself.

While Giuliani claimed he has always said the president never discussed Flynn with Comey, the ABC interview wasn’t the only time he contradicted himself.

In an interview with Fox News on July 30, Giuliani said Trump told Comey to “exercise his prosecutorial discretion” when feeling with Flynn.

“The obstruction thing is crazy,” Giuliani said. “He had a right to fire Comey. That’s what it’s all about. He had a right to say to Comey, ‘Give Flynn a break.’ There’s no investigation at the time. And not only that, he didn’t tell him, ‘Don’t investigate him, don’t prosecute him’ ? he asked him to exercise his prosecutorial discretion because he was a good man with a great war record.”


Comey’s memos, where he claimed the president pressured him into letting the Flynn investigation go, play a central role in the Russian investigation to determine whether Trump tried to obstruct justice ion the Russin probe.

However, now a months-old member of Trump’s legal team, Giuliani still seems clouded on the facts of the investigation. Although, he claimed he would never say anything that is “untrue," many videotaped interviews of the former New York Mayor prove otherwise.

So, was Giuliani lying then or is he lying now?

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