Rudy Giuliani Thinks Fat-Shaming Is Funny — It's Not

Probably running out of a decent script to entertain his audience, Rudy Giuliani resorted to gibes about Clinton's weight.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani made a crass remark on Hillary Clinton’s weight at a Mar-a-Lago event for Republican donors. 

The heated campaign face-off between President Donald Trump and his former Democratic presidential rival is long over but Giuliani still isn’t over it.

Giuliani, an avid supporter of Trump, spoke before 250 Republican donors and recounted his presence at Trump’s wedding back in 2004 in Florida.

“Hillary was also here, and she actually fit through the door,” said Giuliani to the audience’s utter astonishment. In fact, his wife, Judith Giuliani, gave him the “most foul look” in response to his tasteless gibe, according to Axios.

Not surprisingly, Trump allegedly added to his adviser's redundant joke.

“I’m just glad I didn’t say it,” the president said amusingly, according to Axios.

There have been several instances in the past where Giuliani has called out Clinton, whether it was him falsely accusing her of not being present in the city after the terrorist attacks on  Sep. 11 or saying, “Then you’re too stupid to be president,” during a presidential debate.

Giuliani also built up conspiracy theories regarding her health during the campaign trail. His crude remarks about Clinton’s weight have traces of misogyny and are replete with fat-shaming.

All of it only goes to show how Giuliani, in order to pursue his never-ending vendetta against the former secretary of state, will keep hitting new lows. 

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