Rudy Giuliani Makes Off-Color Sex Joke — Related To 9/11

While chowing on a $350 plate of beef tenderloin and cocktails, Rudy Giuliani thought it would be a good idea to share a 9/11 “joke”

Rudy Giuliani

You have to say this about Rudy Giuliani: he never fails to put his foot in his mouth.

Trump’s new cybersecurity adviser was at an inauguration lunch Thursday at Washington D.C.’s Four Seasons Hotel, chowing on a $350 plate of beef tenderloins and cocktails, surrounded by his fellow Republicans and he thought it was the perfect time to tell an off-color joke — related to the aftermath of 9/11.

Giuliani reminisced that on Sept. 14, 2001, he drove to Ground Zero with former President George W. Bush and fire commissioner Tom Van Essen, who had lost 343 firefighters in the smoking rubble of World Trade Center.

“And President Bush recognized him from seeing him on television the prior two days. And he leaned over to Tom, grabbed his arm, and said to him, ‘Tom, I’m so sorry. How are things going?’ Tom looked at him and said, ‘Much better now. My wife came home last night and I got lucky,’” said Giuliani.

It seems like this inappropriate joke was one of the absurd things that Giuliani remembered after 9/11 because he certainly didn’t remember Hillary Clinton’s presence at Ground Zero. But it’s quite “impressive” that Giuliani managed to remember a lame sex joke after the horrific calamity.

“President Bush remembered that so well that when he saw Tom three weeks later at a firehouse dinner, he came up to him and said, “Tom, are you still getting lucky?’ And Tom said, ‘No, it’s worn out,’” Giuliani ended.

He then referred to his joke as “locker room talk,” the phrase Trump used to justify his “grab ‘em by the p****” audio tape comments.

This isn’t the first time Giuliani has tried to make inappropriate jokes.

During Trump’s presidential campaign he told Hillary Clinton to take “her socialized medicine and stuff it up . . . I didn’t say it! I didn’t say it. I suggested it, but I didn’t say it,” to loud applause.

He drew a lot of controversy that time for openly mocking sexual violence and normalizing rape.

To hear the full “joke,” listen to the audio below:

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