Giuliani Suggests Cohen May Have Paid Other Women Like Stormy Daniels

Giuliani thinks Michael Cohen may have paid other women hush money like he did Stormy Daniels, “if necessary.”

Stormy Daniels

President Donald Trump’s old pal and newly appointed attorney, Rudy Giuliani has been appearing in interviews and it’s been one explosive statement after another.

After confirming Trump reimbursed his personal lawyer Michael Cohen for the hush money paid to adult actress Stormy Daniels, Giuliani now thinks Cohen may have paid other women “if necessary.”

During an ABC interview, Giuliani was asked if Trump had Cohen pay to other women similar to Daniels. His answer raised many eye brows.

"The agreement with Michael Cohen, as far as I know, is a longstanding agreement that Michael Cohen takes care of situations like this then gets paid for them sometimes," Giuliani said. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos then asked if Cohen made “payments to other women for the president?"

"I have no knowledge of that, but I would think if it was necessary, yes," Giuliani replied. "He made payments for the President or he's conducted business for the President, which means he had legal fees, monies laid out and expenditures,” was Giuliani’s reply, leaving the case wide open that such payments may have been made to women other than Daniels.

He also said how he is “focused on the law more than the facts” during a phone interview with CNN.

"I haven't been able to read the 1.2 million documents," he said, pointing he hasn’t been on Trump’s legal team for long time.

"I am focused on the law more than the facts right now. A couple of things were fairly easy to dispose of. The whole situation of the $130,000 doesn't require an analysis of the facts because it wasn't intended as a campaign contribution. It was intended as a personal, embarrassing, harassing claim,” he added.

Daniels’s attorney Michael Avenatti thinks Cohen definitely paid money to other women to keep them quiet about alleged affairs with the president.

"When all the facts and evidence come out, there's going to be evidence of payments to other women," Avenatti said in an interview on "State of the Union." "I think that's going to be laid bare for the American people."

Avenatti also debunked Giuliani’s claims about not being clear on the facts of the case because he was recently appointed.

“These are facts you would find out as an attorney in the first 30 minutes of a meeting with a client," Avenatti said. "This is not that complicated of a situation. Did the President know about the $130,000 payment? When did he know about it? Did he know about the agreement? Did he reimburse it and how did he reimburse it? I mean I don't understand what's so complicated about that unless you're trying to hide things."

Besides Daniels, the extramarital affair allegations against Trump have also come from former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who said they were allegedly together from 2006 to 2007. Trump had repeatedly denied the allegations, reiterating he knew nothing about the money.

Trump’s stance on the payment made to Daniels changed soon after Cohen’s office was raided by the F.B.I. The raid was in part to gather information about payment made to the adult film star to keep her from talking about the affair. The items confiscated may also include the infamous “Access Hollywood” tapes.

Apart from affair allegations from Daniels and McDougal, at least 15 other women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. The president had previously said he was going to sue his accusers but no such step has yet been taken.

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