Trump Campaign Promises To ‘Make Mexico Great Again,’ Because Why Not

This is not a drill. Trump actually made his minions wear ‘Make Mexico Great Again Also’ hats. Is he running for president of Mexico if the current gig fails?

Forget “Make American Great Again”  Trump campaign has just unveiled a new slogan.

Unlike ordinary (normal?) folks, the Republican presidential nominee and his loyal followers do not wear their hearts on their sleeves  they proudly wear them on their heads, emblazoned across pompous baseball caps.

Before the business mogul’s immigration policy speech in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani walked onto the stage wearing a “Make Mexico Great Again Also” hat.

It was one of the most confusing and strangest fashion moments of the entire election season.

Is Trump going to run for president of Mexico if his current gig fails? What happened to making America great again?

Giuliani was not the only one to wear it  Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions also appeared on stage wearing the same embroidered cap.

Obviously, the internet was truly perplexed at the south-of-the-border twist to Trump campaign’s trademark headgear.

Apparently, Trump coined the slogan himself. He supposedly had the notion to make not one, but two countries great again after his unprecedented visit to Mexico where he met President Enrique Peña Nieto and touted the “shared objective” of ending illegal immigration.

Surprise, surprise.

Naturally, many were left wondering if Trump campaign would extend this madness country to other countries as well.

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