This Muslim WH Staffer Resigned Just 8 Days After Trump Took Office

“Placing U.S. national security in the hands of people who think America’s diversity is a ‘weakness’ is dangerous. It is false.”

A Muslim White House staffer who worked for the National Security Council under former President Barrack Obama resigned from her job just eight days after Trump administration took charge.

Rumana Ahmed, an employee of the National Security Council, describes her days at the White House under Trump administration “chaotic.” According to her, the office had transformed into a “monochromatic and male bastion.”

“I got both of those looks of, ‘Oh my God, like, are you OK ... I’m surprised you’re still here.’ But then you also had others who were just very cold and just kind of ignored the fact that I was even there,” she said.

Ahmed’s parents emigrated from Bangladesh before she was born. She adds that the new administration was not receptive to her input. She and other experienced staffers at the White House were left out of key discussions, which is why it took only eight days for her to make such a big decision.

“Walking into that building was becoming more and more difficult every single day because everything that administration was doing stood against what I stood for as both an American and a Muslim,” she said.

Ahmed was trying to settle into the administration and its style of working but it was Trump’s executive order on the Muslim ban that forced her to resign. She added she knew that she couldn’t stay longer and work for an administration that thought she or other citizens like her were a threat to the country.

The hijab-wearing White House staffer further adds that she was welcomed by former President Obama and his administration and despite the fear and anxiety she decided to stay when Trump was elected because she intended Trump’s NSC could benefit from a colored, female, hijab-wearing, American-Muslim patriot.

“Placing U.S. national security in the hands of people who think America’s diversity is a weakness is dangerous. It is false,” she adds.

The Twitterati came forward in support of the brave act.




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