Russian Spies Punished For Flashy Public Celebration

While people around the world celebrate their graduation with wild parties or travel, these Russian agents took things to a whole new level.

New agents who just graduated from Russia’s Federal Security Services’ academy are in big trouble with the agency already.

To celebrate their graduation, the students drove through Moscow in a convoy of luxury cars including Mercedes SUVs. They even stopped in the middle of streets so cameramen could get pictures, and for no apparent reason at all, hooted their horns while driving around. The celebratory event caused a lot of objections from people over the inconvenience, and has now brought the young agents under public scrutiny.

"For the first time in many years of celebratory events outside work, students allowed actions, which attracted heightened public scrutiny, to take place,” the FSB, which provides internal and border security and fights terrorism, said in a statement.

"For four years they were taught conspiracy, corporate ethics and that one must not reveal secrets. So pompous and arrogant. If that's how they start their careers, they won't do any good,” retired FSB Major-General Alexander Mikhailov told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

The FSB has claimed that it will punish those involved in the incident, along with their supervisors, and the conditions of their assignment will be altered to teach them a lesson.

In Russia, the gap between the upper and lower class is huge, and as a result, the country’s authorities have been trying to prevent people from flashing their wealth in order to avoid any possible tensions or backlash.

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