Russian Fisherman Discovers Strange Deep Sea Aliens

Pictures of creepy crawly mysterious sea creatures shared by a fisherman on Twitter go viral for all the right reasons.

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov has astounded the internet with his latest Twitter pictures.

His pictures make you believe that maybe aliens do exist after all. They also speak volumes about the mysteries of the deep sea.

Sea Aliens

For most deep-sea fishers, Fedortsov's discoveries may not be such big of a deal, as it is common for them to pull such odd creatures out from the sea, but for an average Joe, these discoveries are mind-blowing.  

Fedortsov, who works on a trawler at the Murmansk port city, recently revealed a bunch of startling sea catches.

Let’s take a closer look at some of his amazing findings.

Sea Aliens

A frilled shark, also known as the elusive eel-like shark, with rows of terrifying teeth was discovered from the sea. This shark is often termed as a living historic object, a "relic," because of its primitive features.

ghost shark

A creepy ghost shark also known as a chimaera was also discovered. The chimaeras are known to have a haunting appearance, with dead eyes, bird-like fins, and skin that looks as though it’s armor plated.

sea spider

One picture shows a gigantic "sea spider" with long legs roughly the size of a human hand.

black fish

A horrifying black fish with massive teeth was also among the many discoveries of the Russian fisherman.  

Sea Aliens

This gigantic fish with huge red eyes and drooling red lips is the stuff of nightmares. The fish was identified as a type of grenadier.  

Fedortsov has been sharing the odd creatures for quite some time. Most of his catches are scary but he handles them carefully and makes sure to take pictures.


“And here's a living starfish. What a pretty color,” he Tweeted focusing on the color of this not-so-scary sea alien. 

Sea Aliens

 “A shark in deep thought,” read the caption to this alien’s picture.

Sea Aliens

“Aha! Caught another one of these guys. :-),” the caption to this terrifying creature’s photo says.

While experts were able to discover many of the species, some still remain a mystery.

Sea Aliens

Sea Aliens

Sea Aliens

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