Russian Follower Of “Spaghetti Monster” Wins A Unique Religious Right

Belonging to religions like Hinduism, Christianity or even being atheist is too old school for this guy who is a follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

A Russian man has become the first person from the country to be allowed to wear a colander on his head, even in his driving license photo.

Andrei Filin, the man who insists he is a “Pastafarian,” said that wearing the kitchen utensil — a knitted pasta strainer on his head  was part of his religious beliefs.

Apparently, Filin is a follower of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a U.S.-based parody faith satirizing religion. After being issued a driving license by a Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety office in Moscow on Jan. 9, Filin has now become the fifth person in the world to be allowed to pull off the kitchen wear on his driving license photo.

“The first license with a colander in Russia! What a great day!” the Pastafarian wrote on Twitter.


The deputy head of the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate, Vladimir Kuzin, told local media that if Filin is ever stopped by traffic police, he must have a colander on his head or “his license will be taken from him.”

“If they try to take my license away  it will be a scandal,” Filin told Russia Today. “A few lawyers have already offered me their support and I would gladly accept their help.”

The traffic police even said that investigations regarding why Filin was allowed to take a photo wearing the knitted hat is being looked into, and if the rules were violated, the license will be annulled.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which came into existence in 2005, is a way of criticizing creationism and religious scripture and has gradually attracted thousands if not millions of devout worshippers.

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