RV Spokespeople Fired For Writing Anti-Trump Children's Book

Long-time RV Industry spokespeople were terminated after they wrote a satirical book that details how awful GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is.

Brad and Amy Herzog have been longtime spokespeople for the RV industry and have made nearly 300 appearances on news stations throughout the country promoting the “RV lifestyle.”

Unfortunately, that chapter in their lives has come to an end as they have been fired for publishing a satirical anti-Donald Trump children’s book.

Aside from their life together as RV ambassadors, the Herzogs are parents and publishers of Why Not Books. Last month, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to fundraise for one of their newest works, “D Is For Dump Trump – An Anti-Hate Alphabet Book.”

The Kickstarter garnered a lot of support as it raised more than $15,000 — greatly exceeding its original $7,500 goal. The online fundraising campaign also notes that the California couple plans to donate $1 from each sale to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

One of the catchy poems included in the brilliant book reads: “A is an anti-alphabet about an awful human being, an atrocious candidate we can’t believe we’re seeing.”

According to The Slot, the campaign caught the attention of RV Daily Report founder and editor Greg Gerber, who was none too amused by the Herzog’s publication.

He wrote a scathing blog post in which he condemned the couple for “advocating a political agenda in an election year.”

“I certainly hope the RV Industry Association will soon disavow their affiliation with these authors,” Gerber wrote. “For an organization that routinely walks the tightrope of political correctness, it seems rather odd that RVIA would turn a blind eye to such a divisive book in this politically-charged environment.”

Just one day after Gerber published his blog post, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) terminated the Herzogs.

Despite the controversy the book has sparked, the couple maintains that it was not meant to be associated with their career as traveling ambassadors.

“In those hundreds of TV interviews and hundreds of thousands of blog words, never have we ever broached any other agenda, political or otherwise, beyond promoting the RV experience and we never would,” Brad reportedly told SFGate.

From the looks of it, Gerber is either a Trump supporter who wanted to sabotage the couple’s career for bashing his beloved candidate — or, he was just super jealous that he didn’t come up with their genius book idea himself. 

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