Desperate Traveler Chases Plane After Missing His Flight

Despite doing everything he could to get onto the flight, unfortunately the plane took off without him, thanks to two airport ground staff.

A Ryanair passenger created quite a scene on the tarmac at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport when he fought tooth and nail to get onto a flight he had clearly missed.

Even though the final boarding call was made a while back, the foolish traveler managed to miss getting onto the aircraft, but upon realizing the plane was going to take off without him, he did everything he possibly could to make the flight wait up for him.

A video captured by a ground crew member shows the man jumping off an 8-10-foot-high jet bridge with two bags in his hand. He lands on the tarmac after which he desperately runs across the apron to stop the plane from flying off without him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do so as ground staff at the airport stopped him from getting closer to the aircraft.

Ryanair officials have described the incident as a “security breach.” It is uncertain whether the man will face any charges for crossing into a restricted area.

Although it was extremely stupid off the traveler to have put his life at stake and carelessly run onto the runway, one cannot help but relate with how he must have felt knowing he had missed his flight.

Being late for a flight is probably one of the worst nightmares for any traveler, and that’s likely the reason the fearless man was willing to do anything to get onto the plane.

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