Sacha Baron Cohen Gets GOP Lawmakers To Endorse Arming Kids As Young 3

“Toddlers are pure ? uncorrupted by fake news or homosexuality. They don’t worry if it’s politically correct to shoot a mentally deranged gunman. They’ll just do it.”


Apparently, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was not the only Republican politician to have been duped by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for his provocative new Showtime series “Who Is America?”

The seven-episode satirical comedy appears to highlight the political and cultural values of the United States in the age of President Donald Trump – and there is one segment that is making headlines for exposing how far some pro-gun Republicans would go to please the National Rifle Association and their gun-loving voter base.

In a clip released by the network, posted above, Baron Cohen went to Washington, D.C., heavily disguised as Israeli anti-terror expert Col. Erran Morad, seeking congressional support from GOP lawmakers for a program called “Kinder Guardians” that would train U.S. preschoolers to use firearms.

If you thought Republicans would never agree to endorse arming 3-year-olds with firearms, you are in for a surprise, because Baron Cohen actually got certain lawmakers to film an ad supporting a program that called for giving guns to children ages 3 through 12 in response to the growing epidemic of mass shootings in the country.

The comedian also interviewed two pro-gun activists – Philip van Cleave and Larry Pratt – who not only supported the program but also helped record the truly outrageous video promoting fake gun products aimed towards kids – like “Gunny Rabbit” and “Puppy Pistol,” for instance. However, for some inexplicable reason, these gun lobbyists did not find this suspicious at all and went on to read the lines given to them verbatim.

“Toddlers are pure ? uncorrupted by fake news or homosexuality,” Pratt said. “They don’t worry if it’s politically correct to shoot a mentally deranged gunman. They’ll just do it. The science behind this program is proven. At age 4, a child processes images 80 percent faster than an adult meaning that essentially, like owls, they can see in slow motion.”

What’s even more disturbing, several Republican lawmakers also agreed to look into the camera and endorse the program they thought would put guns into the hands of “gifted” kids.

“Maybe having many young people trained and understand how to defend themselves and their school might actually make us safer here,” said California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, reading off a cue card. While South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson added, “A 3-year-old cannot defend itself from an assault rifle by throwing a Hello Kitty pencil case at it. Our founding fathers did not put an age limit on the Second Amendment.”

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh was also featured in the clip.

“The intensive three-week ‘Kinder Guardian’ course introduces specially selected children from 12 to 4 years old to pistols, rifles, semiautomatics and a rudimentary knowledge of mortars,” he said in the fake advertisement. “In less than a month – less than a month – a first-grader can become a first grenader.”

His last line summed it all up: “Happy shooting, kids.”

Needless to say, social media pretty much blew up after the clip was released.






Later, in an interview with CNN, Walsh explained Cohen tricked him by saying he was “getting an award from some Israeli TV station” for being a “great supporter of Israel” and was asked to read stuff off a teleprompter – though that still does not justify his apparent willingness to arm preschoolers.

“After they conducted an interview, they had me read off of a teleprompter talking about some of the innovative products that Israel invented,” said the former congressman. “Then they had me read about this 4-year-old child in Israel who, when a terrorist entered his classroom, somehow he grabbed the terrorist's gun and held the terrorist at bay. And that was an example of how Israel trains and arms preschool kids on how to use firearms, and boy shouldn't we do that in America?”

Well, the answer to that is simple: we should not.

It’s high time these lawmakers recognize that America has a gun problem and work towards reasonable measures to ban certain military-grade firearms and create stronger safeguards to prevent more mass shootings.

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