Video Shows Officer Harassing Black Man He Arrested One Year Ago

A man who goes by the alias name of Kash Alpha says a police officer who arrested him a year ago continues to harass him today for no reasonable cause.

A police officer who once arrested a black man in Sacramento, California, continued to harass him, pulling him over repeatedly until finally, he and his girlfriend decided to do something about it.

A man who goes by the name Kash Alpha was driving with his girlfriend when an unmarked police vehicle began following them. After several minutes of being followed, Alpha decided to pull over. The officer came up to his window and happened to be the same officer who had arrested previously.

“He don’t think I remember him,” Alpha said in the video. “He thinks I’m stupid.”

“No, I followed you because I remember you,” the officer responded. “You’re a dangerous guy.”

Alpha called his attorney, and the officer (with his partner) drove away.

Alpha was previously arrested for having a registered firearm in his vehicle without a concealed carry permit.

NAACP Sacramento President Betty Williams said she sees the incident as targeted harassment.

“This is documented proof of what black men go through every day, every day and officers feel they can get away with it,” she said.

The video was recorded earlier this month — nearly two months after officers with the Sacramento police department shot and killed Stephon Clark in his own backyard.

To be sure, Alpha wasn’t pulled over for doing anything wrong — nor was the officer following him for any particular reason, other than recognizing him from the past. That’s harassment, plain and simple.

The officer in the video deserves to be disciplined for profiling this man and antagonizing him. Unless there was reasonable cause to see him as dangerous in the present, his stalking Alpha was completely without merit and indicative of continued problems with racism within that particular police force and beyond.

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