Sadiq Khan Becomes First Muslim Mayor of London

In a historic move, the British capital elects its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan.

sadiq khan

Britain’s liberal Parliamentarian Sadiq Khan rises to victory over the conservatives in the UK’s biggest mayoral election.

The left-leaning Labour Party has effectively won the mayoral race in London with an easy victory today from Sadiq Khan, a London native.

Khan is the first British Pakistani and Muslim mayor of London. He’s represented Tooting, a district in South London, in British Parliament since 2005.

Khan defeated his conservative opponent, Zac Goldsmith, and is set to replace conservative Boris Johnson who has been the mayor of London since 2008.

The son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver, Khan’s win comes despite a “smear campaign” from Goldsmith’s side.

Since London is historically a Labour-leaning city, Khan’s victory isn’t all that surprising. But, his win did not come without its share of obstacles.

The Conservatives led a racist and divisive campaign against Khan, which included accusing his party of anti-Semitism and led Khan to believe it could hurt his chances of winning the mayoral election.

Even British Prime Minister David Cameron has repeatedly accused Khan of sharing a platform with an Islamic State supporter.

Khan responded with a tweet saying, "Disappointed PM has joined Zac Goldsmith's divisive, dog-whistling campaign. I've fought extremism all my life."

Furthermore, after a 2009 interview with PressTV resurfaced several days before the election of him name-calling moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms,” Khan faced backlash from his own community.

Ironically, even though Khan is now the mayor of London, he technically wouldn’t be able to enter the U.S. if Donald Trump wins the 2016 election.



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