Muslim Trump Supporter Wonders Why Refugees Want To Come To The US

Apparently, Donald Trump doesn’t hate Muslims as much as we thought and all the while his words were being misinterpreted by the media. Poor guy!

Donald Trump has on several occasions expressed his hatred and disregard for Syrian refugees, telling them things like “go home” and asking his supporters to “lock your doors.”

Now, Sajid Tarar, a Pakistani-Muslim and the man behind “American Muslims for Trump,” is following suit and questioning why Syrian refugees want to come  to the U.S. instead of going to any other Muslim country.

Tarar apparently believes America will only be "great again" if the business mogul becomes president. However, Trump himself has called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims,” which makes one wonder where Tarar will go once he gets kicked out of the U.S.

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The businessman Tarar, who’s from Baltimore, Maryland, argues that the media twisted Trump’s words and when Trump said that Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S., he was talking about illegal immigrants.

“When he meant the banning of Muslims, there was an issue of immigration going on, the people were coming here from Syria, and instead of staying there and fighting for their own freedom and rights, or going to Turkey or Kuwait or Saudi Arabia, they wanted to come here, and we don’t have any system to vet them,” Tarar told host Don Lemon on Monday in an interview with "CNN Tonight."

When fellow guest Ahmed Shihab-Eldin interjected to remind Tarar of the laborious system refugees must go through to file asylum in America, Tarar responded with, “The question is this. Why do Syrians want to come here to begin with? Why don’t they go to Turkey or some other Muslim countries? They practice their religion freely there, why they wanna come here so far away?”

“Aren’t you a Muslim immigrant to this country? How can you say you can come in and no one else can?” Lemon asked Tarar and he had a prompt reply.

“I came here legally and [Trump] is not against legal immigration,” Tarar said.

So Tarar thinks he has the right to live in America and Trump’s Muslim ban doesn’t apply to him. However, everyone else who really have nowhere to go and are escaping from their war torn country must seek refuge only in a Muslim country. It all makes about as much sense as all of Trump's domestic and foreign policies: zero. 


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