This Robber Messed With The Wrong Lady When He Entered Her Salon

When confronted with an armed robber who towered above her, Annie Sheng did not cower in fear but protected her salon and her customers.

For a Manhattan nail salon owner, it was business as usual on a Wednesday night — until an armed robber came in to her shop.

Xuehua Sheng, who owns Peony Nails Spa at 542 LaGuardia Place near Washington Square Park, said a man in a plaid shirt and a cap came inside her store, while she was entertaining  customers.

Sheng asked him if he needed any help and in reply, the man said: “Don't talk, I have a gun, give me your money.”

Understandably, Sheng was stunned and tried to get a look at what type of weapon he was hiding in his pants, but her chief concern were two small kids who were playing close by.

“I just watched him and I say I don't give you nothing,” she said. When Sheng refused to cater to him, the man reached for his gun, but she was not having any of it. Acting on instinct , she pushed the man  and shoved his gun forcefully down his pants before he had a chance to withdraw it. She then pushed him out of her shop, and fortunately, the man decided not to make a fuss.

As the man quickly walked away, Sheng went back to her shop and called the police.

"Were you scared at any point?" ABC News asked Sheng. "No, I wasn't scared," she said with a laugh saying she did what she had to, to protect her customers.

Sheng’s 10-year-old daughter, who was at the back of the shop at the time of the robbery said she was very proud of her mom.

“I heard screaming. I just was thinking someone had forgot to pay or something, I shook it off,” said Jasmine Chen.

“She should have done it but at the same time, it was dangerous,” she said.

The act was incredibly heroic for the woman: she stands only 5’4 inches and weighs 120 pounds while the would-be robber was almost 6 feet tall and towered above her.

The police said the description matches a man who is wanted for robberies at other nail salons across the city as well.

Photo Credit: Twitter/NYPost

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