It’s Much Easier To Buy A Gun Than A Birdie Costume Here

You would think buying a killing-machine would be much more difficult than wearing a birdie costume, but apparently that’s not the case.

Apparently, it is much easier to buy an arsenal of guns than an eagle costume, but what else can you expect from the National Rifle Association, the organization who wants to teach innocent children — through fairytales no less — that guns are the only solution to fix a problem.

Eddie Eagle is used by NRA to teach gun safety to children. Police force and other safety groups wear the costume at school visits or while recording educational lessons. And Samantha Bee, host of “Full Frontal,” wanted to have one.

“There’s something about that costume — so mockable. So asinine,” Bee said in her show. “I had to have one.”

But as it turned out, that was easier said than done.

The NRA has allegedly imposed all sorts of restriction on the outfit: not only do you have to fill an 18-page application form but there is a 20-day waiting period as well. The mascot costume comes equipped with a tracker that follows Eagle Eddie costumes around the country; what’s more you cannot drink or drive while wearing the costume. And impatient people, who turn to online retailers to by-pass the 20-day waiting period, are in for some disappointment — NRA prohibits the resale of its mascot costumes and searched of Amazon, eBay and other online websites will get you no results.

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As opposed to this, you can practically open a gun shop in the same time period with how easy it is to acquire firearms in the country. The gun rights group, while making it next-to-impossible to purchase its furry costume, is always lobbying for easier gun access — often with deadly results for gun violence victims.

The fact that many other countries require permits, training and background checks for gun ownership and the U.S. does not strictly require any of these at a federal level, proves how easily virtually anyone can get a gun. And the “Full Frontal” host proved it by buying as many guns as she could without even a simple background check.

Although most registered gun stores ask to see a license and conduct a background check for criminal records, this can easily be skipped if a person buys from a private seller, internet listing or gun show.

The bottom line: You can get a deadly weapon in your hands in minutes. But to be Eddie Eagle, get ready for a thorough vetting of your background.

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