Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire, Injures 6-Year-Old Boy

A 6-year-old child in New York was watching videos on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phone over the weekend when it suddenly caught fire in his hands.

Earlier this month, a man’s Samsung phone exploded and set fire to his car, and now, another Samsung phone caught fire.

An unidentified 6-year-old boy was minding his own business, watching videos on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, when the battery surprisingly exploded in his hands, Mashable reports.  

The child suffered burns from the incident, and is now afraid to go near any other cell phone devices, according to The New York Post.

Samsung is in the process of recalling the phone and first asked customers to speak to the company directly about issues they've experienced with it. They later told customers to speak to their cell phone carriers about exchanging the device.

This isn’t the first time this Samsung model has caught on fire.

Earlier this month, dozens of users complained that the device caught on fire or exploded, and the company replaced their phones, according to National Public Radio.

Koh Dong-Jin, president of Samsung’s mobile division, said the recall “will cost us so much, it makes my heart ache. Nevertheless, the reason we made this decision is because what is important to us is customer safety.”

It’s jarring to know that Samsung’s phones are dangerous and it makes many of us question which brands of cell phones are actually safe to use. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

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