People Throw Shoes At Trump's Face During SOTU Screening

A San Diego viewing party, “Noche de Chanclazos,” encouraged the audience to throw their shoes and sandals at the screen.

Thousands of people tuned in to watch President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on television. Some of them decided to show their displeasure at the president in a new way.

One San Diego viewing party, titled “Noche de Chanclazos,” or “evening of slipper-throwing,” decided to stand out from the crowd and make their feelings about the president known while watching the commander-in-chief’s speech.

Instead of not applauding or merely booing him at instances of disagreement, the members were encouraged to throw shoes at the screen if they felt the president “dissed” them or their community.

“Trump is scheduled to address the 115th Congress with the State of the Union speech on Tuesday, January 30. Join us for a night of chanclazos. Let out your aggression by throwing your chancla at the screen whenever you feel Trump disses you or your community. It will be night of chanclazos, piñata border wall busting, and a good time,” read the Facebook page of the event.

Some Latin homes use chanclas (flip-flops) for discipline. So if someone throws a slipper at someone, it means they are angry or in disagreement. 

At the event, organized by the American Friends Service Committee, flip-flops were seen flying in the air as soon as Trump appeared on the screen.

According to the director of the event, Pedro Rios, almost 60 to 70 people came to the event, to express their objections and outrage towards Trump’s immigration policies — but in a comedic way.

“We felt it was an effective event that pokes fun but does not minimize the seriousness of the issues,” he said.

People had a lot to say about this activity on Twitter. Some condemned it as being disrespectful, while others said it was perfectly OK to express rage on such a sensitive issue.











Thumbnail/Banner: Reuters, Leah Millis

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