Air Rescuers Swoop Down Just In Time To Save Man Clinging To Cliffside

A homeless man was found dangling off a cliff near San Francisco's China Beach. He was retrieved just as the tide was coming in.

A California Highway Patrol helicopter helped rescue a homeless man trapped on a cliff above San Francisco's China Beach, according to a San Francisco Fire Department spokesman.

He was stuck on a steep cliff and fire crews retrieved him just as the tide was coming in.

The man, who officials said is homeless, hiked to a frightening height on a cliff near China Beach in the northern end of San Francisco and apparently became paralyzed with fear.

Firefighters clambered out near him with ropes, but the cliff was too steep to get right next to him safely. So, they called in a California Highway Patrol helicopter rescue unit.

The helicopter crew plucked the man up using a harness, and flew him to a nearby parking lot about 4:30 p.m. He suffered some minor injuries and is in stable condition.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Rafael Marchante

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