Students Target Trump's Deportation Plan With 'Sanctuary Campuses'

President-elect Donald Trump’s deportation plan leaves millions hanging in limbo. In protest, university students held walkouts pushing for sanctuary campuses.


demanding that Middlebury College become a #sanctuarycampus

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With the tumultuous election cycle over, most people have returned to their normal lives. But, for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, many are left wondering if they should stay and live in fear of deportation or leave the U.S. on their own initiative.

On Wednesday, students in universities across the country, including Brown, Columbia, and New York University, walked out of classes in protest of Trump’s immigration plan to deport up to three million undocumented immigrants. Trump stated on “60 Minutes” this past Sunday that the deportation of immigrants who are “criminals and have criminal records” will be among his first priorities when he enters office.

In response, the Los Angeles Police Department has denounced Trump’s hardline stance on immigration, refusing to assist Trump with his deportation scheme. Mayors of some cities, such as Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, have declared their cities to be safe havens or “sanctuary cities” for those living in the U.S. without documentation.

Accordingly, many students are pressuring their university officials to promise that they will create a “sanctuary campus” and not assist federal immigration authorities when deportation raids occur, CNN reported. If a university becomes a sanctuary campus, then it is less likely to report the immigration statuses of its students and employees and will offer other forms of support to undocumented migrants as well.

According to The Daily Dot, the organization that initiated the sanctuary campus movement was the Boston-based Movimento Cosecha. “We are fighting to make our campus a #SanctuaryCampus and are part of the movement to establish public spaces of resistance and protection for our country’s most vulnerable people – including undocumented immigrants, Muslims, black people, queer people, and all people of color,” Movimento Cosecha wrote on its website.


Our demands #SanctuaryCampus

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Trump’s vehemently anti-immigrant rhetoric takes a stab at the seven percent of children who have an undocumented parent. It is a very scary time for millions of those living without papers now that their fate lies in the hands of an unchecked racist such as Trump and his staff.

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