Sanders Isn't Buying It, Wants Raw Vote Count Released

Amid reports of coin-tosses, cheating, and too-few volunteers, Sanders says “as much information as possible should be made available” to determine the winner.

Plenty of people sat bewildered and awed on Monday night at the virtual tie between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Never falling more than one percent behind Clinton, Sanders proved that even red states like Iowa are looking for a political revolution. 

“Tonight is a wonderful start to the national campaign,” Sanders said as the results of the caucus continued to roll in. “Tonight shows the American people that this is a campaign that can win.”

Still, the numbers were so close that Sanders and his campaign were considering asking for a recount—something that would be nearly impossible to do.

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The way that voting works for a caucus is nearly impossible to recreate. Typically, only the number of delegates each candidate wins per site is reported, while the voting numbers are done in a completely different fashion. Voters turn up and show their support by moving to a certain spot in the room to signal who they would like to vote for.

For that reason, there isn’t really a way for there to be a recount.

Still, Sanders and his campaign are urging the Democratic Party to release the raw vote count after the razor-thin difference between Sanders and Clinton.

To add to the mix, there were allegedly six instances throughout the night where a coin-toss was used in order to determine the winner—and Clinton reportedly won all six.

If a coin-toss is going to be used in order to determine the outcome of this caucus, and there are reports that there weren’t enough Democratic volunteers to properly report delegate totals for each candidate, Sanders rightfully says that “as much information as possible should be made available” to determine the true winner.

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