Sanders Leaves Interview Mid-Question After Reporter Asks About Wife

12 News uploaded a video that shows Bernie Sanders walking out of an interview after a reporter asked about his wife — but they won't air the question itself.

It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders hates corporate media, and he wasn’t afraid to show it during a recent interview where he walked out on a “hostile TV reporter” that was asking questions about his wife’s recent visit with well-known racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The actual question that prompted Sanders to leave wasn’t aired, so it’s only speculation as to whether or not the reported was actually being hostile.

The clip starts out with Sanders saying, “What Joe Arpaio is doing is an outrage. My wife went to look at the so-called tent city, which is something that should not exist."

This “so-called tent city” that Sanders is referring to is a jail that is operated by the Maricopa County sheriff that is “fashioned from military tents.”

“The fact that he crashed her meeting is, to me, very, very wrong, not something he should have done,” he said. “Thank you very much.” Sanders then promptly got up and took his mic off, ignoring the reporter’s question about a position as Vice President.

Sanders and his team explain that the reporter had already gone over his allotted four minutes, but others believe that the reporter had prompted his walk-out by attacking his wife.

That second theory may have something to do with a tweet from his rapid response director, Mike Causa: “Candidate who never takes questions criticizes Bernie for ending interview after a reporter goes after his wife. Ok.”

He later tweeted that the “previous tweet is inaccurate.” He said that “the interview was over time,” and explained that he “tweeted without full context, which is always a bad idea.”



Salon also reports that the station was “glossing over the inherent bias in its reporter’s hypercriticism of Sanders’s congressional voting record,” which could further explain the walkout.

Others, however, are calling Sanders out on his behavior, saying that he “threw a tantrum” and that this is “not a good temperament for a Commander in Chief.”

Regardless of speculation, there is no way to come to a solid conclusion without knowing the full context — that just means people will have to wait until this weekend when 12 News shows the whole interview. Until then, everything is just speculation.

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