Sanders' Proposals Would Help 95 Percent Of Taxpayers Save Money

But, this is true only if you can swallow his enormous tax hikes.

Democrat presidential very-hopeful Bernie Sanders’ tax hikes would earn the majority of Americans money, according to a new study.

The Tax Policy Center revealed data today that confirms the Democratic candidate’s promise that although he would be raising taxes across all classes, he would help Americans profit. If the study is accurate, about 95 percent of taxpayers would actually save money despite paying higher taxes.

The average household tax increase would be a whopping $9,000, but the returns average to about $13,000. These returns would be from Sanders’ new proposed government benefits, namely universal healthcare, greater Social Security, and increased family and medical leave for employees.

His universal healthcare plan would help primarily the low- and middle-income households. The richest fifth of Americans who would pay an average of $42,719 in taxes would receive nearly $20,000 in benefits. For reference, the richest earn more than $650,000 annually. All other income brackets would earn greater in benefits than they would have to pay in taxes, as gleaned from the Tax Policy Center study.

However, according to Vox, Sanders’ scheme would only save the majority of taxpayers’ money if you agree with his proposal of increasing public spending on universal healthcare and public college tuition.

Sanders’ proposals, which hinge on the European brand of socialism, are hardly new to the American political landscape, and thus hardly pack a punch to actual voters and non-voters.

His suggestions are so far left that his appeal lacks wide-scale leverage. Yet, even so, Sanders reportedly has a better chance of defeating Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, as indicated from recent polling data reported in RT after Sanders swept Indiana from under Clinton's feet.

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