Bernie Sanders Blames His Losing Streak On Poor People

Is the Democratic presidential candidate turning on the very people he claims his campaign wants to protect?

There is a reason why White House hopeful Bernie Sanders is losing big states to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and it has nothing to do with his policies, strategies or the DNC — or so he believes.

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” NBC host Chuck Todd asked the Vermont senator, fresh off a devastating loss in the New York primary, why he had lost 16 out of 17 primaries with the highest levels of income inequality. Sanders, of course, just knew whom to blame for his current losing streak: the poor.

“Well, because poor people don’t vote,” said the presidential candidate. “That’s just a fact. That’s a sad reality of American society.”

The Vermont senator, whose campaign brought millennials to the polls, acknowledged he has less success with the underprivileged demographic.

“If we can significantly increase voter turnout so that low-income people and working people and young people participated in the political process…this country would be radically transformed,” he added.

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Ironically, even though Sanders’ campaign has revolved around fighting income inequality and standing up for the bottom 99 percent, he lost to the former secretary of state in regions where income inequality is at its worst, but saw success in more income equal states.

Unsurprisingly, Sanders’ controversial comments prompted harsh reactions on social media. In fact, Twitterati (or Clinton fans, to be precise) came up with hashtag #PoorDontVoteBS to hit back at the senator.









Sanders previously said 75 percent of low-income workers don't vote, but Politifact noted that number is closer to 65 percent. So while Clinton fans would like to think poor people do vote and Sanders does overestimate the number who don't, the truth is a majority of low-income workers in fact do not vote.

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