Man Almost Strangled To Death As He Poses For A Selfie With A Python

“I was not scared for even a moment. Because had I panicked, it could have been fatal,” said the forest ranger.

A local forest ranger in India got the fright of his life when he draped a python he had captured and tried to pose with it for a picture. However, the reptile wrapped itself around the man and attempted to strangle him.

Sanjay Dutta, a local forest ranger, was called by residents of Jalpaiguri, India to capture an 18-foot snake that had killed and eaten a goat. The man succeeded in capturing the mammal.

However, instead of immediately putting it inside a sack, Dutta placed it on his shoulders and posed with it for photos and selfies. That is when things took a dangerous turn and the mammal attempted to strangle the forest ranger in front of dozens of onlookers.

At first, Dutta managed to click a few celebratory pictures with the reptile. However, after a few minutes he could be seen clearly in distress as he tried to pull off the mammal off his neck but it coiled around his neck and tightened grip.

The forest ranger didn’t want things to go out of control and also tried to keep the residents calm who screamed in horror.

“It’s okay. It’s all okay. Leave it, nothing will happen,” he said.

He then moved away from the crowd and moments later Dutta was able to free himself from the mammal with the help of a colleague. The man remained unharmed by the incident and the reptile was released into the wild.

“I was not scared for even a moment. Because had I panicked, it could have been fatal,” he later told Agence France-Presse.

Thankfully, the incident didn’t turn out to be an unfortunate one because of Dutta's quick thinking. However, the incident once again goes to show the country's growing obsession of with selfies.

Although many people across the globe seem to have a dangerous relationship with selfies, India had the most selfie-related deaths in 2016. It was reported that of the 127 reported selfie deaths from March to September 2014, "a whopping 76 deaths occurred in India alone."

Despite the alarming numbers, the dangerous obsession is becoming extremely common.

Recently, a tourist in Odisha, India, attempted to take a selfie on the edge of a waterfall and while doing so lost his balance and slipped all the way down. He was later shifted to a hospital in critical condition.

In Jan. 2018, an Indian man in the Lingampally area of Hyderabad, India, attempted to take a selfie while touching a moving train — and almost lost his life. The man, Shiva, was standing by the tracks of an oncoming train. Second later, the train seemed to smash into his hand and the side of his head from behind.

He was sent flying and his phone fell to the ground, going blank. Miraculously, Shiva only sustained minor injuries from the impact.

In another incident, a man, only identified as Abhilash, was trampled to death by an elephant in India in his relentless quest for a selfie. According to local reports, the elephant caught him in its trunk when he drew near to snap a picture and then crushed him under its feet.

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