Texas School Shooter Killed Girl Who Turned Him Down, Parents Say

“Shana said that if he came into the school with a gun and killed her she would haunt him for the rest of his life.”


Parents of a Santa Fe High school shooting victim claimed Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire that killed 10 individuals after their daughter allegedly turned down his romantic advances.

In separate statements, parents of Shana Fisher claimed their daughter predicted her death at the hands of Dimitrios.

Sadie Rodriguez, Shana’s mother told the Los Angeles Times, her daughter has been having “two months of problems from this boy.”

"He kept making advances on her and she repeatedly told him no. A week later he opens fire on everyone he didn't like," she wrote in a private message to the LA Times on Facebook. "Shana being the first one.”

She did not write how she knew her daughter was the first victim of the shooting.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail Shana’s father, Timothy Thomas corroborated with Rodriguez’s claims.

“Shana told her mother two weeks ago he was going to come and kill her,” Thomas said

The theory is yet to be confirmed by prosecutors or the police, who are “still investigating the journals that he’s written, looking through computers and telephones,” according to Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick.

“He had told her himself he was going to kill her. He was walking around planning this in his head for two weeks. Shana said that if he came into the school with a gun and killed her she would haunt him for the rest of his life. She was really scared,” said Thomas who had recently reconnected with his daughter after separation from Rodriguez.

Thomas insisted he had knowledge Dimitrios “pestered” Shana to date him.

“What kind of a person thinks the appropriate response is to kill her and a class full of people. It's insane that my daughter was picked out as the one. She was a beautiful girl, someone full of light. She was real timid, she never talked bad to me or anyone else but I know she finally stood up to him before this happened and told him to cut it out,” Thomas said.

Thomas, although in immense grief, said he believed in forgiving people.

“I don't understand it but I know he had some serious problems. I believe in forgiveness. I'm praying for him as well as for my daughter,” he said.

Shana’s great aunt Tammy Fisher-Whalen, also talked to the Daily Mail, Rodriguez had not viewed Shana’s body because of how badly it was disfigured.

“She was told by the Galveston County Medical Examiner not to come down to identify the body for now because her face is so unrecognizable,” Fisher-Whalen said.

According to Fisher-Whalen, Shana lived in Santa Fe with her grandfather, Quinton Fisher.

"Quinton was crushed when she didn’t answer his call. He knew something was wrong because Shana always answered his phone calls," said Fisher-Whalen, who said the family later found out Shana was dead. 

The Pagourtzis family released a statement saying they “shared the public’s hunger for answers as to why this happened.”

“We share the public's hunger for answers as to why this happened, and will await the outcome of the investigation before speaking about these events. We have been and will continue to cooperate with the authorities conducting the investigation, and ask for the public's patience while it moves forward,” the statement said.

Since Dimitrios is under 18, if found guilty, he faces life imprisonment.


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