Michelle Wolf Said Sarah Sanders Is Like ‘Aunt Lydia’ — Is She?

Like Aunt Lydia, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is also using her platform to strip women of their rights.


Comedienne Michelle Wolf pretty much burned just about everyone at the White House Correspondents Dinner. However, she had a special little gem for press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“And, of course, we have Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We are graced with Sarah’s presence tonight. I have to say, I am a little starstruck. I loved you as Aunt Lydia in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’” quipped Wolf.

For those who haven’t read Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel or watched its TV adaptation, the Aunts, including Aunt Lydia, are a group of brown-clad middle-aged women who hold the destinies of the red-dressed Handmaids in their hands — and can twist them at a whim. These Aunts brainwash the oppressed Handmaids into taking part in a horrific “ceremony” where they are raped by men while their wives hold them down, for the purpose of providing the couple with a baby. If the Handmaids rebel, they are sent to the toxic Colonies, where they grow sick and disfigured, before dying extremely painful deaths.

Some of the other fun things Aunt Lydia forces Handmaids to do is to stone rapists — who aren’t really rapists — and to stone their friends. Failure to comply with any of the actions — or even the most trivial disobedience — also result in being shocked with cattle prods, whipped, burned, maimed, blinded and nearly hanged to death.

One of the most important phrases the Handmaids learn is “I’m sorry, Aunt Lydia” — not that it does them any good.

Like Aunt Lydia, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is also using her platform to strip women away from their rights and their voice.

Sanders has pushed the Trump administration’s efforts to ax birth control from mandated health care is all about “freedom of religion.” She has also insisted women accusing President Donald Trump of sexual assault are all liars. The press secretary has also defended Trump when he attacked New York Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, who called for the president’s resignation. She became a target of controversy when she defended White House aide Rob Porter, who was accused of domestic violence against his ex-wives.

All in all, Sanders isn’t that far from Aunt Lydia.

But, some people think the joke went too far.



However, considering the fact Sanders works for and defends a person who has repeatedly called Mexicans “rapists,” African and Caribbean countries “sh**hole countries” and has been accused of dozens of women of sexual assault, her actions and rhetoric are much more offensive than Wolf’s.

Perhaps it’s time Sanders take a look at the picture she makes while she’s spewing hate and insensitivity using her platform. It’s alarming that so many American women look up to her as a professional who’s really good at her job. Meanwhile, the agenda she is pushing isn’t anything less than dystopian.

Sanders couldn’t get a bigger hint than Wolf’s joke.

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