White House Doesn’t Think Shootings Like Sandy Hook Are Preventable

Apparently, Sarah Huckabee Sanders believes there is not “any one thing” that could have been done to prevent Adam Lanza from killing 20 innocent children.

Five years have passed since Adam Lanza killed his mother and went on a shooting rampage, murdering 20 first-graders and 6 educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. However, even after all the time that has passed since the horrific shooting, the White House still seems unable to address the ways they can prevent incidents like this from happening again.

During the press briefing on the fifth anniversary of the carnage, CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders what President Donald Trump and his administration had so far done to “protect the American people against a similar type of massacre.”

Sanders responded in her typical way: by deflecting the question and reciting Trump’s stance of borer security and immigration control.

“Look, I think that there are a number of different ways that we look to protect our citizens every single day,” she began. “One of the areas that the president has been outspoken about, not necessarily to [mass shootings], but just more broadly speaking in terms of national security and protecting individuals certainly through border security, stronger vetting processes, and looking at whether or not there are other regulations we could put in place that would offer protection.”


When the reporter interjected to remind Sanders that Lanza and Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in the recent U.S. history earlier this year, were both Americans and not immigrants, the press secretary changed her tactic.

The woman, who once asserted it does not matter if the leader of the free world is posting fake videos to demonize an entire religion, then went on to doubt if there were any regulations at all that could possibly stop such incidents.

“If you could name a single thing that would have prevented both of these, I would like to hear it because I don’t know what that would look like,” Sanders added. “But we’re looking every single day at how you can protect American lives.”

Well, the obvious answer would be introducing tougher gun laws, but given the Trump administration and the Republican Party’s relationship with the National Rifle Association, no one was expecting Sanders to bring that up.

In fact, her line of reasoning fit perfectly with Trump’s reluctance to discuss America’s gun violence problem.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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