Sarah Sanders Doesn’t Like It When People Call Her A ‘Liar’

“Because one of the few things you have are your integrity and reputation.” Sanders told the NYT.

Sarah Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders does not like it when people accuse her of lying.

“It certainly bothers me,” she told the New York Times. “Because one of the few things you have are your integrity and reputation.” She added “there’s a difference between misspeaking or not knowing something than maliciously lying.”

But maybe she would not be called out for her “lies,” if she stopped making false statement on a frequent basis. So anyone who claims Sanders a “liar,” probably has good reason to do so.

Politifact, on four instances, has called out Sanders for making false claims during press briefings.

In November 2017 after the terrorist attack in New York City, Sanders said, “One of the best things that we have in this country is the fact that everybody wants to be here, and to give that away randomly, to have no vetting system, to have no way to determine who comes, why they are here and if they want to contribute to society is a problem.”

This claim is false. Diversity visa immigrants go through a thorough vetting process before being allowed into the United Sates including background checks, security screenings and interviews.

In an October 2017 briefing after the Las Vegas mass shooting, Sanders was asked if the horrific tragedy result in stricter gun laws. She said, “I think if you look to Chicago, where you had over 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes last year, they have the strictest gun laws in the country. That certainly hasn’t helped there," Sanders added. "So, I think we have to, when that time comes for those conversations to take place, then I think we have to look at things that may actually have a real impact."

This claim is— again — false.

She has also claimed President Donald Trump has never promoted violence. Video evidence would suggest otherwise.

Some of Sanders lies are so blatant; it does not take an ounce of effort to denounce them.

Despite Trump spending the better half of his presidential term bashing media outlets in all caps on Twitter; Sanders, rather brazenly, claimed the White house is “committed to a free press.”


And Sanders claiming “she only makes statements to the best of her knowledge,” is also a false statement.

When a reporter asked Sanders, why Trump, despite it being untrue, kept claiming the U.S. as world’s highest-taxed nation. This is what Sanders had to say:


When her boss, yet again, falsely slammed Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for being from Baltimore, she termed the undeniably false statement, “a general statement.”


After Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani confirmed the president reimbursed Michael Cohen for the payment made to adult actress Stormy Daniels, a claim that Trump had long denied, Sanders struggled when reporters asked her if she was lying to the press regarding the information on Daniels for months.

“I gave you the best information that I had, and I’m going to continue to do my best to do that every single day,” she said.

And even though, it hurts Sanders' feelings when someone points out her lies, she seems to have no problem calling others, liars.


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