Sarah Sanders Dismisses Police Shooting Black Men As A 'Local' Problem

“This is something that is a local matter, and that’s something that we feel should be left up to the local authorities at this point in time.”


In the wake of all the black people being killed by police officersall the White House could do was send its press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was nothing but inconsiderate when questioned about this important issue.

Sanders made it clear the Trump administration does not want to call for a federal investigation in the recent shooting of an unarmed black man, Stephon Clark, who was killed in his own backyard after police officials assumed he had a gun.

He was not armed.

All the Sacramento police discovered after fatally killing the 22-year-old was his cell phone. But President Donald Trump and his administration apparently don’t have any empathy for people of color.

"We want to make sure all law enforcement is carrying out the letter of the law," Sanders said. "The president is very supportive of law enforcement. But at the same time, in these specific cases and specific instances, those will be left up to local authorities to make that determination and is not something for the federal government to weigh in on.”

Though Sanders claimed the commander-in-chief was supportive, leaving this matter up to the local authorities proves otherwise.

In 2016, Alton Sterling was killed by two police officers while he was just selling CD’s to earn a living for his family. Two white police officers thought he was a threat and killed him without even talking to him. He was cooperative and did everything they asked him to. Yet, he was killed.

The Justice Department just recently announced the police officers will not be charged.

Police Shooting

This year, Stephon Clark was killed because the Sacramento Police wrongfully thought he was armed. Both the officers involved in his killing are on an administrative leave now.

But Trump’s ignorant administration believes this isn’t a matter big enough to be addressed by federal government. 

Only time will tell if black lives will ever actually matter to this administration or for that matter the lives of other people of color. But as of now, the situation is gloomy. Innocent people are dying almost every day at the hands of the police, and all these Trump hired officials can say is that this is a local matter.

All they care about is to get into debates of arming teachers to stop students from being attacked, ignoring all the students marching for better gun reforms.

Thumbnail/Banner Image:  Reuters, Leah Millis

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