Sarah Sanders Publishes NYT Opinion Desk’s Number In A Petty Stunt

“Isn’t that ironic? Wasn’t she just complaining and pretending her feelings were hurt when she was ‘harassed’ at a restaurant? She thought that was so ugly now she is doing the same.”



President Donald Trump’s administration has gone into a complete meltdown after a bombshell New York Times anonymous op-ed, which was supposedly written by a senior Trump official, irate with the POTUS’ performance.

In fact, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was so infuriated trying to defend the president when asked of the turmoil in the White House as portrayed in the op-ed, she posted the New York Times’ opinion desk’s number, probably hoping people would heckle the media organization.

Is Sanders thought the stunt, of basically asking people to harass a news organization, would take some attention off her trying to spin stories in the president’s favor, she was sadly mistaken.

The move massively backfired after the Times apparently got a massive number of calls — in support.

The news outlet’s national security editor Amy Fiscus tweeted they had received a flurry of phone calls of people commending the op-ed and the NYT’s coverage of the White House, amid regular attacks from the president, who often refers to the organization as “the failing NYT.”


The New York Times’ reporter Kenneth Vogel shared a recorded message from a fan.


Political correspondent Elizabeth Dias tweeted she received similar messages of appreciation from fans.


Apart from her plan massively backfiring, Sanders was widely panned for her petty response after refusing to answer questions from the press — which is what a press secretary’s job is.









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