Sarah Silverman’s Twitter Was Hacked After Controversial DNC Speech

Comedian Sarah Silverman was a victim of cyber-hacking as an anti-Hillary Clinton video was posted on Twitter from her account by someone other than her.

Sarah Silverman twitter hacked

Following comedian Sarah Silverman’s Democratic National Convention speech, in which she expressed support for Hillary Clinton and boldly shut down the “Bernie or Bust” movement, her Twitter account was hacked.

The hackers are purportedly members of the well-known hacktivist group Anonymous.

They posted a video on Tuesday titled, “A Message for Hillary Clinton” from Silverman’s profile. The video was captioned, “America, are you awakening?” and included the hashtag, #Hillary4Prison.

The tweet was deleted almost immediately, but not before making its rounds to many followers who viewed and took screenshots of the unexpected post.

They responded with confusion, seeing as how Silverman had just publicly expressed pro-Clinton sentiments at the DNC and endured boos and heckling as a result.

Silverman quickly notified her followers that the post did not come from her. 

She was likely targeted by the hackers because of her switch from being a fervid Bernie Sanders supporter during the primaries to now standing with Clinton.

It’s not that Silverman is being disloyal; she was simply being a realist when she told bitter "Berners" that they were being ridiculous by refusing to back Clinton and causing chaos at the DNC.

Perhaps she used a poor choice of words in the moment, but even Sanders himself has endorsed Clinton and has been diligently trying to sway his supporters to come to their senses and do the same before Donald Trump takes this election. 

The bottom line is, regardless of rigging and corruption, Clinton is the nominee. Despite all her flaws and underhandedness, she is still the better choice over Trump who will undoubtedly leave America in ruins as president. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @Politico

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