Heartbreaking Post Highlights Racism In Schools Across Saudi Arabia

A young girl shared her story of facing racism in Saudi Arabia on Twitter using the caption “growing up/going to school in Saudi Arabia.” Many people could relate.


Racism is not just restricted to the United States. The epidemic of discriminating people of color is global.

After Twitter user, Rahmaaaya, shared her story of facing racism in her Saudi school, many people shared their own heartbreaking stories.

“Growing up/going to school in Saudi Arabia,” Rahmaaya captioned her story using a viral picture of American rapper Cardi B. Within a few minutes, other black people shared how they were discriminated and faced hate speech in their schools, not just in the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in different Arab countries.

Twitter user Tayeb Hajo recalled how he had been traumatized in school for being dark skinned.

 “When I was in 1st grade in Dammam, Saudi. More than 1 Saudi kid told me their parents would say dark skin is caused by committing sins. Me: but I am Muslim too,” he said.

“My teacher in 8th grade straight up said "son of Abdul black" in front of my classmates. So I got in a fist fight with his dumb a** and then the school board told me I should apologize or I get suspended,” wrote Umar Iqlyas.

People who weren't even from African countries also faced discrimination.

“I’m Saudi and they used to call me Sudani in school because I’m black. Sorry to what happened to you in my country,” explained Ibrahim Mohammed.

Other people pointed out how racism is a problem across the Arab world.


Nevertheless, several people offered African-Arabs their support after Rahmaaya’s post.







Black people have been treated inhumanely by the Arabs, who treat them like slaves. In June, two Kenyan women were beaten up in Beirut by a Lebanese official after they questioned him for almost hitting them with his vehicle.  

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