Saudi Authorities Arrest Man For Filming A Woman’s Beheading

Saudi authorities are deeming the shooting and dissemination of the video as a criminal offense.

The video of a woman begging for her life just before she's beheaded in Saudi Arabia has made the rounds on the Internet ever since it was uploaded a couple of days ago. 

Now, Saudi authorities have arrested the man who filmed the public execution in the city of Mecca, according to Okaz, a local newspaper.

The woman, Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, was handed a life sentence for allegedly torturing and murdering her 7-year-old step-daughter, whose body was reported to be severely beaten and molested.

The execution was filmed on a mobile phone and later uploaded to social media, where it garnered the attention of many human rights activists all over the world.

The police haven’t yet released the identification of the suspect, although he is believed to be one of the officers who carried out the execution.

The National Society for Human Rights, a human rights organization funded by the Saudi government, believes that the man who captured the footage must be punished.

A member of NSHR, Mohammad Al Sahli, said that the country’s legislation allows the family of the executed woman to take legal action against those who caused them harm through the filming, or the distribution of the video.

“Those who disseminated the clip are not less guilty than those who filmed the execution,” he said further.

However, this statement wasn’t widely agreed upon. Many Saudi bloggers have condemned the arrest, saying that these executions are carried out to warn people not to commit crimes such as rape, murder, armed robbery, gun trafficking, etc, and the video has helped the authorities doing just that.

The man’s punishment has not been decided yet, but the suspect will face charges in military and Sharia court. 

Thumbnail Credits : Reuters

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