Saudi Mother Arrested For Torturing Babies In Order To Extort Money

Saudi authorities were able to locate and rescue the babies who were filmed being brutally tortured by their own mother. The twins were reportedly 6-months-old.


The authorities in Saudi Arabia have arrested the woman who was seen beating and abusing two babies in viral videos that drew backlash from social media users across the country.

The Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development was able to locate the Somali mother who reportedly filmed herself torturing her 6-month-old daughters in order to extort money from her ex-husband’s father who lives in Yemen.

One of the clips showed the abusive mother choking a baby while saying “today I will kill you.” Another showed her slapping the crying babies and dropping them on the floor until they started to bleed.

Shortly after the horrifying videos were posted online, they began circulating among online users who tagged the authorities in their tweets, asking them to identify the woman and save the babies.

Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development spokesperson Khalid aba Khail later tweeted the Centre Against Family Violence had been notified about the incident and urged anyone with information about the children to call the emergency hotline, 1919.


Meanwhile, online users were able to find the person who originally posted the videos. As it turned out, a Yemeni citizen named Mohanad Al Hashdi had been the one to upload the videos on YouTube, begging concerned officials to help the twins.

He explained he knew the father’s family and that the children’s grandfather, who lived in Yemen, was unable to come to Saudi Arabia to take the kids away from the woman. Apparently, the mother had sent the videos to her ex in-laws in hopes they would send her money in exchange for the babies’ safety.

A few hours later, Khail announced the twins had been taken away from the mother, who was based in Jeddah.

The children, who were reportedly hospitalized for medical check ups, were later handed to the father’s relatives.

“The mother and father are divorced, this is clearly a case of domestic violence, the babies will never be returned to the mother, and we are looking into the father’s side of the family to take the twins,” the spokesperson told the local Alekhbariya TV.

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