Saudi Arabia Bans Educational Human Body Puzzle For Being ‘Explicit’

"How is this puzzle explicit? God, this regression," said an online user after the country banned a children’s toy claiming it “violated the teachings of Islam.”


The conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a well-documented history of forbidding the most unexpected of things that it believes violate the state laws or its social customs.

Case in point: Just recently, the kingdom’s Ministry of Commerce banned the sale of an educational children’s toy i.e. a puzzle of human body, Sabq news reported.

The matter came to the attention of ministry officials when an unidentified man reported about the toy to the authorities, saying the puzzle was “explicit.”

His report was titled "Watching a citizen documenting bad toys in a Yanbu market," in which he claimed the puzzles "violated the teachings of Islam.”

In less than 24 hours, the authorities responded and a team of professionals went to a commercial market in Yanbu to seize the reportedly offensive toys.

The controversial human body puzzle in question was just another toy that is widely used all across the world to help kids learn human anatomy and functions in a way that enhances their thinking and potential creativity.

But, for some people in the ultraconservative kingdom, the display of human body in form of pictures was downright inappropriate and contradicted the Islamic values ??.

Though there were handful of social media users who hailed the ban, most of them failed to understand how a puzzle of human body meant for children could be inappropriate and possibly violate the religious teachings.

"How is this puzzle explicit? God, this regression," said one commenter, while another wrote, “We should be encouraging our kids to use such useful educational games.”

“These are simply educational toys," posted another.

“There's nothing wrong with this toy, why all these negative comments against it?? No one actually bothered to get to know what this puzzle is, it's an educational game used to teach kids about body organs," said one online user.

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