Janitor Receives Gold Jewelry After Meme Mocks Him For Staring At Gold

It all started with a photo of the cleaner staring at a jewelry shop display. After cyberbullies posted cruel memes, here’s how people responded to the story.

Cleaner In Saudi Arabia

In an unexpected turn of events, a cruel meme set off a heartwarming gift drive for one janitor in Saudi Arabia.

It all started after with a photo of the Bangladeshi cleaner staring at a jewelry shop display in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

It was first posted reportedly by an Instagram user who mocked the man with a caption that read: “He looks as though he is seeing trash.” Other sources say the caption read, “This man deserves to only look at rubbish.”

However, that one cruel comment was soon overshadowed by outpouring support after Abdullah al Qahtani, the owner of the Twitter account Ensaniyat (Arabic for humanitarianism), vowed to find the man in the photo.

Soon, it turned into a small campaign as more people joined in to send money and gifts to the cleaner, now identified as Nuzroul Abdulkareem.

 “More money is being sent to Nuzroul,” al Qahtani said told Al-Arabiya news website. While he didn’t specify the amount, CNN reports Abdulkareem, whose monthly salary is $187 (700 Saudi riyal), has been promised “thousands of riyal.”

Al Qahtani said Abdulkareem has also received “two-way tickets to his home country, and two phones — one iPhone 7 and one Samsung Galaxy.” He described the janitor as “very hardworking,” adding “Abdulkareem also takes care of homeless kittens on the street where he works.”

In addition, Turki al-Dajam, who is an executive at a local Saudi sports channel, tweeted images of Abdulkareem receiving a gold jewelry set.


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