What Does The Freak Snow In Saudi Arabia Mean?

Saudi Arabia, the land of scorching sun and deserts, indeed experiences winters, but snow? Hardly ever. The last few years, however, have been an exception.

Freak overnight snowfalls seem to have become a norm in the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia, much to the bafflement of many.







Snow has started falling in northern SaudiArabia. #SaudiArabia #Snow #Winter #Brrr #SnowinSaudi

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Winter in Saudi Arabia #winter #saudiarabia #snowinsaudi

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Snow has started falling in northern #SaudiArabia #snow #winter #brrr #snowinsaudi

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The locals are reacting with equal doses of amazement and humor, frolicking around and making snowmen.

But the unnatural weather may be a sign of concern as well. After all, the central and northwest regions experiencing the frost and snow see around 20°C (68°F) temperature during November.

There was also a freak snowfall in the kingdom in January 2015.

Tokyo also experienced unusual snowfall in November, following the 7.3 earthquake and tsunami. The city usually sees minimal snow, if at all, in January or February but never in November when the temperatures are usually between 14-20 degrees Celsius.

The severe weather left 12 people dead, hundreds of thousands of households without electricity and caused major disruptions to air and ground traffic.

According to World Meteorological Organization, global warming and greenhouse gas emissions have raised the risks of such unusual/freak weather events.

People are worried as well:





But there will always be climate change deniers.

Jim Inhofe, senior Republican senator, chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (oh yes), infamously "exposed" global warming as a hoax by bringing a snowball on the Senate floor in February. His logic: If it’s cold outside, then the globe is not really warming.

Then, there is the king of them all: Donald Trump, the man America elected as its commander-in-chief. He does not believe in climate change at all.

In fact, he thinks the concept was "created" by the Chinese.

“I believe there’s weather. I believe there’s change, and I believe it goes up and it goes down, and it goes up again,” he said during a 2015 interview. “And it changes depending on years and centuries, but I am not a believer, and we have much bigger problem.”

Well, that settles it then, doesn’t it?

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