Saudi Prince Allegedly Commissioned Adult Films in France & Never Paid

A French firm has filed a lawsuit claiming late Saudi Prince Saud Al Faisal commissioned them to produce exclusive adult film content but never paid for it.

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Saudi Arabia’s late Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud al Faisal apparently owed a ton of money to a French firm – and the now the company is suing his heirs to pay the debt.

Al Faisal, who served as the foreign affair minister for 40 years until he died, allegedly commissioned France-based concierge services firm SARL Atyla to produce three 45-minute long exclusive adult films for private consumption, but never paid the bills.

Now, the company has reportedly filed a lawsuit against 25 Avenue Bugeaud, a luxurious Paris villa where the deceased prince used to stay when he visited the French capital and which is now co-owned by his heirs, demanding to be reimbursed for the content it reportedly created for al Faisal along with other services ordered by his representatives.

According to the documents obtained by French news outlet The Local, al Faisal’s heirs owe some 90,000 Euros (over $110,00) to SARL Atyla, which appears to be threatening to expose the “video evidence” if it is not paid.

The lawsuit, filed in a court in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, claimed the late prince communicated with the plaintiffs through a representative, giving explicit instructions about the content he wanted to see.

One of the emails obtained by The Local, which contained specifically detailed instructions on what was supposed to happen in the movies, said, “Important, the male must dominate his companion not with violence but by using his skills and capabilities and his God-given gift […] He still does not like it… He does not like blindfold and being tied.”

Although the emails apparently didn’t clarify who “he” was exactly, the concierge firm claimed it was al Faisal.

“He still does not like it… He does not like blindfold and being tied. Make a new one,” read another alleged email.

Moreover, at least one of the films featured a Moroccan woman, with whom the prince had alleged “privileged relations,” filmed with an unnamed black adult movie actor, according to the reports. In order to support its claim, SARL Atyla reportedly included a photo of the editing room where screens allegedly show the said Moroccan woman in a sexual position with a man.

The Saudi authorities have not commented on the matter as of yet, but SCI 25 avenue Bugeaud – the company  co-owned by the late prince’s children that manages the property – rejected the lawsuit in its official legal response, insisting “the reality of expenses and services mentioned is not… justified.”

The company is now reportedly demanding SARL Atyla to pay 3,000 Euros (over $3,700) in damages.

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