Now Saudi Arabia Will 'Transport' Maids From The Airport Like Cargo

The airport transportation service offers to "receive your domestic worker from the airplane and bring her to your house."

Saudi Arabia is notorious for its treatment of foreign labor and domestic help.

And this new "service" offered by a Saudi airport isn't really going to help the country's nefarious reputation.

The Riyadh Airports Company of Saudi Arabia's King Khalid International Airport has come up with a new program to "transport" female domestic workers arriving from foreign countries directly to their new employers' houses.

It announced the new service on its Twitter with an image showing a plane's door opening right into a home.

"With the Tawsalak service, we receive your [female] domestic worker from the airplane and bring her to your house," reads the accompanying text.

Customers will have to pay a fee to have the worker dropped off at their home.

While the new service, as per the company, has been launched in a bid to assist the new employees, many have pointed out several flaws with the idea.

Firstly, the entire concept of "transporting" a person at someone's request is inappropriate.

"Are they to be treated like cargo?" one Twitter user asked, according to the BBC.

Secondly, in Saudi Arabia, wealthy employers often confiscate their new employees' passports and residency permits. This basically leaves the workers, who mostly hail from underdeveloped countries, at the mercy of their bosses.

Sometimes, these people are also victims of human trafficking who are tricked into coming to Saudi Arabia and serve as domestic help for rich local families.

Therefore, however well-intentioned the service the Riyadh Airports Company's new service may be, it can easily be used to prevent these workers from leaving the airport in a country like Saudi Arabia, which urgently needs to review and correct its labor laws.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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