Saudi Man Shoots Doctor Who Assisted In His Wife’s Delivery

Gender segregation is a very serious issue in the conservative Gulf kingdom. But one Saudi man just went overboard while trying to “protect” his wife.

Saudi Man

A man in Saudi Arabia was arrested after he shot and wounded a male Jordanian obstetrician at the King Fahad hospital in Riyadh.

The shooter was reportedly outraged at the fact that Dr. Muhannad Al Zabn assisted in his wife’s delivery instead of a female gynecologist.

Almost an entire month after the delivery, the unidentified new father went to the hospital to meet the doctor, pretending to thank him for his help. However, when the two met in an adjoining park, the man shot Al Zabn and fled the scene.

The victim was rushed to the emergency ward. Bassam Al Buraikan, a hospital spokesperson, says his condition is now stable, adding authorities are now investigating the incident.

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Gender segregation is a highly sensitive issue in the ultraconservative Gulf kingdom that follows the strict version of Sunni Islamic law called Wahhabism. The country even has a separate law enforcement department — known as the morality police  to make sure the sexes are separated in public.

Just recently in February, women at a Riyadh Starbucks were banned from the café because a separation wall had collapsed and was being repaired.

In a more serious case, a female student at King Saud University suffered a heart attack on campus in 2014. The Saudi media later alleged the girl could’ve been saved had university authorities not resisted the entry of paramedics, who were all men, for an hour.

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